The exposure to a chemical component of diesel exhaust.

-, Deparment of Health and Children Source Effects of a chemical component of diesel exhaust particlesA new study finds that , the exposure to a chemical component of diesel exhaust, the ability of resistance arteries, threaten to to to bone marrow. Post-menopause, the elderly and most most are, according to a new vascular study study – with an animal model – in the 120th Presented at the American Physiological Society (APS, Washington.

The study effects of age, sex, and estrogen on endothelium-dependent vasodilation by exposure phenanthraquinone, by Rhonda D. Judy Muller-Delp and Timothy R. Nurkiewicz, all the Center for Interdisciplinary research in performed Cardiovascular Sciences at West Virginia University School of Medicine in Morgantown, Nurkiewicz presents the results on behalf of disciplinary heart of the University research team. Research at the Health Effects Institute and the National Institutes of Health funded was.Clinical review integrated personal genomic. Volume 375: site 1525-1535.

NIGMS is a part of NIH the supported basic research to improve our understanding of life processes and lay the foundation for advances in diagnosing diseases, treatment and prevention.

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