The partnership involves THT

NotesThe CHAPS by the Department of by the Department of Health and co-ordinated by Terrence Higgins Trust to HIV health promotion gay men in England and Wales. The partnership involves THT, Manchester Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Yorkshire MESMAC, Trade Men sexual Health project in Leicester, Liverpool Armistead project, Sheffield Centre for HIV and Sexual Health, Eddystone Trust in Plymouth and Sigma Research.

References – 1 Jallo J. Cost of CSF leaks after spinal surgery in the U.S. Abstract# 5 2009 Congress of Neurosurgeons. Wright NM. DuraSeal spine sealant as an adjunct to standard dural repair: results of a prospective, multicenter, randomized trial. Abstract# 928, 2009 Congress of Neurosurgeons.

– O Medicare Schedule plan : generally, you must get part D drug coverage as part of your private medical insurance schedule benefits package.

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