The report discusses the challenges and potential impacts of climate change.

The report discusses the challenges and potential impacts of climate change, including unusual or unexpected weather, and how some individuals and communities can be disproportionately from climate change, to be suffering from chronic diseases, including the elderly, the poor, children and people. However, the U.S. Has well-developed public health infrastructure and environmental programs, our air and water to minimize the impact to minimize the impact.

The peer review report is the most up-to-date synthesis and evaluation of the scientific literature on the effects of global change on human health, welfare, and settlements in the United States. It was been developed according to the guidelines of the CCSP.The the other groups of doctors part in the project is Billings Clinic, Billings, MT; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic, Bedford, NH, of Everett Clinic, Everett, WA, Forsyth Medical Group, Winston-Salem, NC, Geisinger Clinic, Danville, PA, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, WI; Middlesex HealthSystem, Middletown, CT, Park Nicollet Health Services, Louis Park, John Health System, Springfield.

The project began through a focus on quality of care to patients with diabetes , but was extends for its second year, to heart failure and coronary cardiac disease include – both of chronic heart disease that carry a very high risk to the emergency and different higher costs look, if not managed appropriately. The third year the program was expanded in order belong hypertension – another high -risk and expensive status – and breast and colorectal cancer screening.

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