The state of the art skin protection provides amputees with a comfortable fit

The state of the art skin protection provides amputees with a comfortable fit , along with a significant increase in their mobility . The custom silicone skin eliminates the outer sleeve , and produces an airtight seal. The new skin protection was developed by a team of upper extremity specialists from Advanced Arm Dynamics including Chris Lake, Rob Dodson, Ryan Spill, CP and Dan Conyers, CPO. – ‘We heard from our patients that the liner them under their prosthesis wearing uncomfortable and not very stable were so, as a team we did a bit of testing and developing our own silicone skin for special protection for the upper extremity amputated These liners are safe and provide a stable suspension for the patient. Patients patients we will continue fit and we will continue to fine tune the process, ‘said Chris Lake, southwest clinical director for AAD.

Elbow Ligament Reconstruction Appears in future any further career advancement in baseball Effectsuggest New research at the 2009 American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine Specialty Day in Las Vegas will be introduced that elbow ulnar in the reconstruction major League major League Baseball draft does not increase the risk of future injury or affect the rate of career advancement. Our study showed no statistical difference between athletes who had undergone UCL reconstruction prior to the draft , and a control group in terms of advancement in professional baseball, said Gregory F. Carolan, lead author and Director of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Carolan is a former fellow at the San Diego Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Program and The Scripps Clinic, San Diego, where the research was carried out in conjunction with the San Diego Padres Baseball Club.

The research will be National Science Foundation for $ finances 162,000 the next three years of and of the Alexander von Homboldt Foundation.

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