The study surveyed conducted by Brewer and Dr nettapotek.

The study surveyed conducted by Brewer and Dr. William K nettapotek . Hallman, a professor of human ecology at Rutgers University, a random sample of 300 adults in September 2004 and March 2005. Researchers looked at the number of people at high risk of the virus, by the CDC by the CDC and estimate how many have vaccinations. High-risk groups include older adults and people 18-64 years also investigated diseases. A third high priority group includes people who have had regular contact with high-risk adults or children. Reasons for not always vaccinated were also investigated.

The results also indicate what messages resonate with people , and encourage those who are most likely to get the flu be vaccinated, said Brewer. ‘We must be clearer about 18 to 64 groups if we can health messages to easily identifiable risk categories frame another then. Including family and friends of persons with high risk – may help to get shot at a high risk for their flu. This simple message could very well save lives. ‘.

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