This weeks observance of Veterans Day.

More than 200 volunteer counselors working with UBHC and DMAVA have provided psychological screenings to all or any veterans who have get back from Iraq and Afghanistan this year, and actively supplied follow-up counseling both to veterans and to their families. Nationwide, it’s estimated that on typical, there is at least one suicide every day among returning people of the military, a reflection of the difficult conditions that veterans of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are facing. To day, no veteran from NJ is known to have taken this drastic step, an indication that counseling attempts undertaken in this state by UMDNJ-UBHC appear to be producing a positive difference.The research underlying this technology was originally conducted at Dartmouth University by Professor Charles Sentman, and has been released in numerous peer-examined publications such as Journal of Immunology, Cancer Blood and Research.

Chemically-modified mitochondrial toxin may lead to a new molecularly-targeted chemo drug A chemically-modified version of a mitochondrial toxin long used to regulate species of invasive seafood in lakes has been found to selectively inhibit two survival proteins in cancer cells. The study is an initial step toward creating a molecularly-targeted medication that could get rid of cellular-level level of resistance to multiple types of chemotherapy and radiation therapy found in many types of cancers.

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