Today by the Canadian Cancer Society according to poll outcomes released.

Canadian Cancer Society alarmed by government inaction to determine national catastrophic medication insurance program A large majority of Canadians – 85 per cent – say if they were diagnosed with cancer the price of drugs would have a negative effect on their personal finances, today by the Canadian Cancer Society according to poll outcomes released . Forty-seven percent said the cost could have a ‘major’ bad impact on their finances. After being educated of the typical charges for newer cancer medications this rose to 58 percent, and 10 percent said they would not be able to spend the money for drugs. About three-quarters of newer malignancy drugs taken at home cost over $20,000. The common cost of a single course of treatment with newer malignancy drugs is $65,000 – almost as high as the average annual income of Canadians.

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Canadian Health deploys IceWEB’s GIS server technology to combat the development of H1N1 Flu virus IceWEB, Inc. , a leading service provider of purpose built devices and blocks for cloud storage networks, announced today that Canadian Health has deployed IceWEB powerful GIS server technology to augment their initiatives to combat the development of the H1N1 Flu virus. ‘IceWEB is usually proud to Partner with Canadian Wellness to assist in assisting the fight against a worldwide epidemic,’ mentioned John R. Signorello, CEO of IceWEB. SOURCE IceWEB, Inc.

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