Validation of the therapeutic potential for new class aTyr Pharma naturally occurring protein agent.

ATyrmodel of a Neuropathic Disease Demonstrates Novel Role for Proteins in the Family Class ATyr pharmaceutical product – in research 26th June 2009 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is further proof of the new roles of tRNA synthetases are published in the disease, validation of the therapeutic potential for new class aTyr Pharma naturally occurring protein agent. The aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are found universal and essential components of protein synthesis machinery in all organisms, but human synthetases have naturally occurring resected variants with potent cell signaling activities for the normal functioning for the normal functioning of humans.

While we are still trying to understand how mutations in the tRNA synthetase gene disrupt the neurological system of a complex organism, this study showed that there is neurological functions encoded in this gene. ‘ – According to Jeff Watkins, CEO of aTyr Pharma: ‘In recent years, Professor Schimmel has discovered a whole new area of biology: novel signaling functions for naturally occurring proteins from ancient proteins such as tRNA synthetases resected This work.Stats have demonstrated that young people think prescription drugs of is more secure than illicit drug and drives the spread of trends like ‘pharm parties ‘where young people find each other and commercial mixture pill, too high, dangerous and times fatal consequences. Running, honest conversations from parent and child can be seen as a way of are about the dangers of about the dangers of drug consumption, you can find the best ways to make lower offers, try drugs and also to the parents insight into the peer compressed in that children facing in schools everyday.

However, through 36 % of all school graduates reported using illicit drug at some point a year. Will discount aged 17, 70 % of adolescents an illicit drug .. The main findings the study are: – Two – thirds of parents believe that your child is first be subjected to medication in ages between 10 and – thread Close feel up to 75 per cent drug Tests drug testing from young people should be. To be responsibility of the parent. Without even asking Overview 70 per cent of parents say they have not purchased a home drug test kit, felt the need of had the need.

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