Was a by-product of a common wood mold.

Results of their study show today at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting , to put the by-product to be more effective than currently used therapies, multiple myeloma cells. Full results are also available online in Blood. ‘There were a number of intriguing results,’says Keith Bible, oncologist and primary investigator of the study. ‘In addition to observe a lot of positive aspects chaetocin, we discovered some possibilities for further research into other possible anti-myeloma agents. ‘.. They found that kills multiple myelomaMayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers have found that chaetocin, was a by-product of a common wood mold, promise as a new anti-myeloma agent.

‘We must do everything to the disruption of basic health services, as occurred in Auckland, so that the quality of patient care is not compromised to avoid,’said Dr. ‘Ultimately, we need to ensure that the health contracts are robust and that there is a national framework for regulate health DHB contracts, so there is national consistency across all DHBs.Diamyd Medical planning clinical uses at another 3-4 countries submit and include additionally 20 Kliniken in the study. – ‘The approval the Swedish MPA an important step in the development of Diamyd in the market,’says Elisabeth Lindner, President and CEO of Diamyd Medical. That the translation is ‘launch we got last week that FDA approval for parallel period III clinical trial in USA, and with trialnet intended study in the U.S., is the interest in Diamyd strong. We receive requests from parents from patient at our studies involve ‘.

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