Which is susceptible to SIV infection identified

Scientists have several differences in the pattern of infection between sooty mangabeys and humans and rhesus monkeys, a monkey, which is susceptible to SIV infection identified. ‘For several years, we and others have suggested lack of chronic immune activation was the most important factor protecting sooty mangabeys from AIDS, ‘says Paiardini . ‘This study changes this work model and suggests that the lack of immune activation in sooty mangabey is secondary to protect themselves from their ability, and maintain its central memory T cells. ‘ – Paiardini continues ‘. Not have been not have been capable of such complex comparative studies without the presence of the large colony of sooty mangabeys at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center perform ‘.

Researchers a way to have some immune cells to withstand sooty mangabeys ‘ infection identified: they close the gates that SIV and HIV use to get into the cell. The findings could lead to strategies to help HIV-infected people with better infection.

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