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At the end of the 10 weeks of treatment, had 28 % of the teenagers who have the patch and education stopped smoking completely – similar to initial quit rates nicotine patch nicotine patch in studies of adult smokers and substantially higher than quit rates in previous studies to treatment with adolescent smokers. The addition of buproprion seemed to make no difference: Twenty-three % of teens who received bupropion and nicotine patch to ceased smoking quit from the end of treatment. , adult smokers at at maintaining abstinence in the longer term. In a 26-week follow-up , only seven % of teens in the study were smokers completely abstinent. Even though most participants do not stop completely, cut the majority in both treatment groups on a few cigarettes per day or less. Many were unable to return to daily smoking. Antidepressants do not use on the outcome, but the authors point out that it gave the young people a lower dose of this medication than is usually well-tolerated in the treatment of adults.


This medicine pravastatin which reduce the widely to treat high cholesterol, a previously unknown cardiovascular benefits can be also provide to reducing the lipid.

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